Essay Uttarakhand Disaster 2013

The disaster of 2013 continues to be the toughest natural problem because the 2004 Tsunami which resulted in the increasing loss of and endless choice of lives. While in the video entitled Disaster Management 1.1 Unacademy” under, Dr. Roman Saini deals with the launch to Disaster Management, meanings of Disaster-Management, types of problems, increase in how many natural disasters and its effect on the environment, significant disasters in Asia, susceptibility page of India etc.

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In the video called Disaster Management 1.1 Unacademy” below, Dr. Roman Saini relates to the release to Disaster-Management, classifications of Disaster-Management, varieties of problems, upsurge in the amount of natural disasters and its effect on the environmental surroundings, major disasters in India, weakness report of Asia etc.