Bihar Dropping a Great in the Flood Dissertation

Bihar: Maternal huts build for flood-hit

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Bihar Chief Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Shri Nitish Kumar checking the maternity huts during his trip to the Baragawan Gachi avalanche relief camp in Kalyanpur block, Samastipur district. | Samastipur, Bihar, 30 September 2007: UNICEF and the Bihar government came together with a modern idea pertaining to providing health care facilities to expecting moms in the overflow affected areas and set up maternity huts. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar about Thursday visited one such hut established in Bargamma Gachi village in Kalyanpur block of Samastipur district and applauded the efforts of the Health office and UNICEF for featuring such a vital health in order to women affected by the massive amounts. The companies will provide maternity services including antenatal treatment and safe delivery. He explained, " Please distribute candy on my part when the initially delivery happens here. " The hut that was set up two days earlier has already provided antenatal care to 21 women and from among the same a delivery can be expected any time. The maternity hut can be manned simply by four Additional Nurse Midwifes, four paramedical staff and three doctors on rotation duty. Electricity for the facility has become ensured through a generator and all basic equipment, apparatus and furniture just like beds, delivery kits, sanitary sheets, bath towels, medicines and so forth have been presented to ensure safe deliveries.

© UNICEF/India/2007

Multimedia persons encircle the Chief Minister at the overflow relief camp. The health division and UNICEF plan to set up eight even more maternity huts in the coming days, inside the worst affected areas. | The expectant mothers hut even offers an out-patient department which in turn caters to health conditions such as diarrhoea, skin infections, worms and such. Within the past two days, around 1, 95 patients got already been treated. The health section and UNICEF plan to build eight even more maternity huts within the next 3 days in flood affected areas of the state of hawaii...

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