Essay regarding ExamII Preparing

INFO 423 Test II - Preparing

This kind of exam involves 21 multiple choice questions. They are based on the material from the lecture notes as well as the textbook. That covers Chapters 8 through 14.

To get a experience of the kind of questions, make sure you try the practice exam below. Email address details are at the end.

1 . PostScript is usually

A An imaging version that uses an array of pixels to describe an image B A language intended for animating webpages

C A language for specifying the behaviour of electronic mail M An the image model depending on paths and boundaries

installment payments on your Low-level programming on the Macintosh uses a read-evaluation loop


3. You are coding a modal dialog container (which is a type of pre-emptive dialog) within a notification-based programming paradigm. This kind of

A Is easy, because the paradigm naturally causes modal dialog boxes B Requires the programming of your inner read-evaluation loop

C Is difficult, because the control flow beyond the hands of the application programmer D Is a nonsensical question, because a modal dialog box is definitely not pre-emptive.

4. When evaluation happens at the end of the design process on a fully working program it is known as

A Conformative

B Intellectual

C Summative

D Qualitative

5. Which assertion best identifies the benefit of a field study

A All aspects of the evaluation can be managed leading to exact results N Specialist equipment is easily available to get recording the evaluation C The subject is definitely not inspired by the presence of the evaluator D It allows the interaction to be studied in context

6th. If five expert evaluators independently evaluate an software using a heuristic evaluation what percentage of usability problems is likely to be revealed?

A 54%

B 65%

C 73%

M 85%

several. Which are important features of a highly effective cognitive walkthrough?

(i) The analysis is done by a team of evaluators working independently. (ii) An exe prototype can be used to walk through the predicted task pattern. (iii) A believable story is created for every part of the task series. (iv) History (e. g., knowledge of program domain and experience with software style) in the intended customer population needs to be known.

A (i), (iii) & (iv)

B (ii), (iii) & (iv)

C (iii) & (iv)

G All of these

eight. An example-based technique for understanding representation employs

A some rules and facts viewed logically

N a structure containing classed slots where values might be assigned C a hierarchy of human relationships between details

D a choice structure of any classification system

9. The four main types of assistance needed by users are

A simple reference, task-specific help, full explanation, guide B quick reference, task-specific help, command assistance, article C adaptable help, task-specific help, complete explanation, article D quick reference, across the internet documentation, total explanation, command word assistance

12. Adaptive support is a case of which school of interactive system

A intelligent

M collaborative

C multi-modal

Deb expert

14. Models are used in design to

A Generate the look

B Assess the design

C Both of the above

D Neither of the previously mentioned

12. Which will of the following best describes a stakeholder

A A person who uses a great interactive personal computer

B A person who has put in time or money in developing an online computer system C A person who gets output via or provides input for an interactive computer D A person who is impacted by the success or failure of an online computer system

13. In having a hierarchical decomposition of a user's goal composition, as is performed commonly within a GOMS evaluation, an user is the minimum of decomposition unit. TRUE/FALSE

14. Just how can designers of video meeting systems guard the participants' sense of private space?

A By using a online video tunnel

W By making members stay in one particular place

C By allowing for participants to modify the...

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