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Types and Uses of Health Care Programs

Health Care Info Systems

HCS 483

Sept 08, 2013

Types and Uses of Health Care Automated programs

Health care programs are thrilling advancements in health care delivery by companies. The future of software in wellness is promising and the different types of robots happen to be growing. Employing robots allows the suppliers give better care for their patients and using robots behind the scenes for further accurate delivery of proper care as well. Medical robots

The da Vinci is currently the most known medical robot. It's the only operative robot available for commercial use. The da Vinci robot is in use intended for gynecological, prostatic, and cardiac surgeries. The da Vinci allows the surgeon to work from a digital workstation across the room from where the patient is definitely prepped for the operating stand. The surgeon maneuvers the robotic hands to perform the surgeries. Using the da Vinci eliminates the natural hands tremor that surgeons include through the software in the computer created specifically for that function.

" 'Penelope' continues to be developed by Columbia University by standard surgeon Dr . Michael Take care of with financing from the ALL OF US Army's Telemedicine and Technology Research Center, in Fortification Detrick, MD” (Schimpff, 2013, p. 1). Penelope is not presently in use but is a promising robot within the health care horizon. Dr . Michael Treat developed Penelope to switch the current surgical assistant that hands the surgeon musical instruments during surgical procedure. Penelope comes with electromagnetic grippers that allows intended for picking up the instruments the surgeon needs. Penelope arranges the instruments for the process, recognizes tone commands, and verbally can easily respond back to the doctor. Pharmacy programs

Pharmacy programs currently happen to be in use intended for dispensing medications. The uses are beneficial to the entire medical center staff by reducing medication errors, purchases are entered in by physicians using computerized medical doctor order entry (CPOE),...

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