Holden Caulfield Diagnosis Article

Diagnosis of Holden Caulfield

Holden Caulfield is a troubled 16 year-old young who has merely been removed from his fourth school. He provides a younger sister whom he deeply cares about, and a deceased youthful brother. As well, Holden appears to isolate him self and has few sociable relationships with others. In the last few days, Holden has been infuriated by his roommates, avoided conflict with confronting his parents, recently been beaten up, contemplated suicide, and abused himself actually by smoking cigarettes, drinking, and having sporadic eating habits. Some may think that the is just usual adolescent habit; however , coming from my sessions with Holden, it appears that his recent actions are the result of specialized medical depression, in addition to my opinion, is usually triggered by the death of his brother Allie great inability to grow up. As stated by U. T. National Selection of Medicine, medical depression is usually defined as a state of brain that influences the body, feeling, thoughts, and a person's habit. Classic symptoms include sociable isolation, insomnia and nausea, suicidal thoughts, and helplessness, all of these Holden displays. It is apparent that Holden socially isolates himself and it is unable to contact form relationships with others. Sociable isolation, a common symptom of depression, can result in isolation and is well-known to create a a sense of unhappiness and emptiness. Holden exhibited these kinds of traits when he struggled to reconnect with past close friends. After a that same day of being by himself in Ny, Holden considers calling a well used crush of his Jane Gallagher approximately find out the moment her vacation starts and get together, nevertheless pushes the theory away since "[he] did not feel like it”. (Salinger, 59) His insufficient being able to speak with people this individual cares about exemplifies a beginning of social solitude and loneliness. Another model is the moment Holden arranges a date with Sally Hayes, a girl he previously gone away with a few times. When the day begins, he admits that "[He] seemed [he] is at love...

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