Inter-office Tonto Tuition Reimbursement Request Dissertation

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DATE: January 24, 2013

TO: Phil Dawson


SUBJECT: Tuition Reimbursement

Hello Phil and i also would like to thank you for taking time out of your active day to read this idiota. As you can see from your subject collection I was contacting you concerning feasible tuition compensation for a study course which I would want to enroll in with the University of Missouri St Louis. As a brewery planner my daily duties along with those of the co-workers in my department revolve around the use of personal computers. This is why the proposed category I wish to sign up for would be used to me as well as the corporation all together. The class that i am requiring reimbursement pertaining to is listed while INFSYS 2800. The title for this course is usually Computing and Information Systems. The main target of this class is relating information systems to organization functions. This program will even more my understanding in web page design, e-commerce, telecommunications, devices analysis and design, and integrated business information devices. As I'm certain you know it usually is good to obtain someone about who can assistance with computer complications without contacting the IT department. This course will help to produce the tools to not only execute my task better nevertheless be a property to my personal entire staff. My current duties involve extensive operate Excel along with many other features involving communicating with my assigned breweries, so this training will be put to great use. The course is offered as a cross course this means minimal category time with most of the school work performed from your home. That being said, I am certain that the program will absolutely not affect my personal ability to perform my duties in my current position. The expense of this course which i am requesting for compensation will be $786. 10.. This kind of payment may be made to me or directly to the university or college. This amount is not including the required textual content which I are going to pay out of pocket. I also will sweeten the present with...

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