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п»їSection Four: SWOT Research


The objective of the SWOT analysis should be to define the interior and exterior factors that affect an organization, in this case Jackson Park Hospital. It is composed of advantages, weaknesses, options, and threats, hence the acronym. We-took the time to immediately analyze Jackson Park Medical center in order to decide some of the advantages, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks that come about. We thought of strengths since advantages this kind of hospital features, weaknesses since what the medical center could improve on, opportunities while situations where the hospital can excel, and threats while competition via outside get-togethers. Strengths

A lot of strengths we all came up with pertaining to Jackson Park Hospital are things the hospital provides either currently done well at, or has the possibility to excel at. The strengths are as follows: Jackson Playground Hospital currently has a plan for the fast track system within their emergency department, registered nursing staff do the choix meaning patients are seen simply by more than just a physician. Patients receive written recommendations when released; there is 24/7-hour emergency room care with a full time attending physician, nurses, house physicians, and medical students. Lastly, Jackson Park provides a partial hospitalization program that is designed for individuals who need impatient care however, not 24/7-hour monitoring. Weaknesses

Disadvantages are factors, which in house inhibit the efforts of the hospital. The weaknesses we came up with pertaining to Jackson Area Hospital will be as follows: they are below the national average in patient pleasure on ten different factors, the general hospital was rated a 2 . a few out of 5 superstars which means there is a damaged standing, their steps for success system usually takes an several hours time. As well, Jackson Recreation area ranks a whole lot worse than typical to average-on patient protection indicators, that means they terribly lack the patients in their best interest. Finally a healthcare facility suffers from a top readmission price and personnel not being able to fulfill all...

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