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Vinamilk would be the fastest and sustainable growing healthy dairy and food company because they build a long-term competitive advantaged product stock portfolio across the scale.


Vinamilk continues to grow its existing geographical protection and product portfolios to keep up its sustainably dominant location in the local industry and maximizing its shareholder value.

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inamilk is the leading dairy & beverage firm and also one of many 5 most significant companies in term of market capital listed in Vietnam. The brand " Vinamilk”, using its extensive business and location, has gone in to consumers' head. Vinamilk's quality products are created to offer the community a " healthy and beautiful life”. Despite the tough year of 2007 such as two-digit pumpiing, inputs like milk natural powder and glucose rapidly improved in price, and severe competition with imported products, Vinamilk still stored its solid growth, making sure shareholders' revenue. Earning per share (EPS) of the year was VND5, 607/share, elevated by 35% as compared to that of 2006 (VND4, 150/share). The corporation has been strongly revising their business approaches and marketing activities having its sales team staying supported by contemporary tools and trained with higher professionalism for its sustainable long-term creation. The company carries on building fresh dairy industrial facilities and expanding the existing kinds in May Tho, Weil Nang and Hanoi, and proceeding while using dairy plantation projects. In addition to the key business, Vinamilk keep seeking possibilities for exterior investment to optimize profits and increase Industry�s shareholder benefit. Financial effects The Company's proceeds and earnings have been progressively increasing through the four effective years as its equitization in 2003. The followings will be the basic numbers of 2007 and 06\: In VND billion -- Net income - Profit after tax 2007 six, 649 963 2006 6th, 246 660 % increase/ (decrease) 6th. 5% 46%

Besides the significant export market of Iraq, the Company is targeted on strengthening arsenic intoxication its products far away like Cambodia, the U. S, Korea etc . Payouts Given the excellent results pertaining to 2007, the Board recommends for shareholders' approval a total dividened to get the year of VND 2 . 900 per VND 15. 000 par-value share (equivalent to 29% on talk about par-value). This can be a 52. 6% increase over last year's normal after-tax dividend of VND1, 900 per share. This kind of marks your fourth year on increase in the payment in the normal dividends to shareholders: 2004: 15%; 2005: 17%; 2006: 19% and 3 years ago: 29% as proposed – and shows the Company's sustainable growth.

Vinamilk has the economic, human resource advantages and over 30 years of exprerience to achieve the substantial growth based on its vision and objective. Vinamilk does to provide healthy and balanced products to accomplish a beautiful way of life for our community. Vinamilk also highly believes in raising our shareholder value through growth.

Barring unforeseen conditions, it is the Board's intention to keep the after-tax dividend by not less than the regular after-tax gross of the prior year. Yet , in any given year, you see, the payout will need to take into account the Company's consolidated profits outlook and plans for new investments to make certain Company's eco friendly growth. International listing Program Vinamilk is under agency and dealing with relevant firms to be classified by Singapore...

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