Sensotronic Braking mechanism Controllers Article


Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) functions electronically, and thus faster and more precisely, than the usual conventional hydraulic braking system. Once you press the brake pedal and the sensors identify the driving situation in hand, the computer makes a precise calculation with the brake pressure necessary and distributes it between the tires as essential. This allows SBC™ to critically reduce halting distances. SBC™ also helps to optimise basic safety functions including ESP®, ASR, ABS and BAS. With Sensotronic Braking mechanism Control, electric impulses are used to pass the driver's brake commands on a generating situation, computes the optimum braking system pressure for every single wheel. Consequently, SBC presents even greater energetic safety than conventional brake systems under breaking in a spot or on the slippery area. A high-pressure reservoir and electronically controllable valves ensure that maximum braking mechanism pressure is available much quicker. Moreover, the device offers ground breaking additional functions to reduce the driver's work load. These include Traffic Jam Assist, which in turn brakes your vehicle automatically in stop-and-go visitors once the rider takes her or his foot off of the accelerator. The Soft-Stop function - one other first - allows specifically soft and smooth preventing in town visitors When individuals hit the brake pedal today, their foot techniques a appui rod which can be linked to the braking system booster and the master braking system cylinder. With regards to the pedal force, the learn brake cyndrical tube builds up the correct amount of pressure in the brake lines which - in a proven interaction of mechanics and hydraulics -- then pushes the brake pads against the brake discs via the steering wheel cylinders. By contrast, in the Mercedes Sensotronic Braking system Control, a large number of mechanical parts are simply substituted by electronics. The braking system booster are not needed in future either. Instead sensors determine the pressure inside the master brake tube as well as the rate with which the brake your pedal is...

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