Woodmare Case Study Answer Essay

п»ї1. - PRECISELY WHAT ARE DE SIGNIFICANT BUSINESS TASK FOR WOODMERE AND HOMEHELP TO LOOK INTO EVALUATING THIS PROPOSAL? The major business proposition for Woodmere and Homehelp to consider within the proposal is the improvement of their company through an advanced and smarter form of controlling supplies and customers' requirements. With Homehelp as a significant home decorating dealer that's looking for new ways to boost and Woodmere has the status a cliental already in place and are looking to further improve the logistical time based capability. Homehelp major concentrate has been to deal only with suppliers and keep expense low and service excessive. Homehelp also looks to keep a locking mechanism on day-to-day low price and having high grade service to get the customers. Woodmere has been going towards looking to invest in technology to further force their business to a larger audience and even more timely deliveries The case involves a revenue representative to get a top home furniture manufacturer, known as John Cruz. John has had a chance to interact with Nan Peterson, the leader of your product staff at a furniture decorating company known as Home Help. Home support is concerned by fact that household furniture industry all together seems to be lagging behind regarding logistics functions. Nan believes that John's company, Woodmere, could collaborate with Home Help to build a logistical capability that is time-based. The collaboration would as well result to usage of a custom-made delivery program. To make the plan effective, David was to provided a three week period to generate a commencement proposal.

2 . -- IS TIME BASED LOGISTICS THE RIGHT STRATEGY FOR EACH COMPANY? The time-based logistics could be the right strategy for each organization. The first reason may be the sales data transmission which POS data clearly shows the product's demand through the customer to the manufacturer. Really more accurate that the forecast. The other point should be to reduce the order cycle period. The actual sales and buyers trends...

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